TYSA Coaches

Gates Admission Gate fees apply at all TYSA  Fall Season Games.

$5 General Admission
Kids 4 and under are free


Registration for the Fall Season is now opened.  The last day for a child to register for the 2016 Fall Football Season will be August 26, 2016.

TYSA SPORTS will put up signs and flyers out but it is up to the coaches to recruit the kids that they need to form their team.

As a coach you know exactly what you are looking for so lets all work together to bring in the talent that we need to recruit a competitive team and make a run for the superbowl.

Player Certification & Weigh In Process

Each player must attend the preseason certification conducted by NTX United to be eligible to play the upcoming season.

If a player misses their scheduled certification / weigh ins, they will be ineligible to play that upcoming season.

Coaches Package

All TYSA Coaches / Staff Members are required to be uniformed. We all need to be professional at all times and look professional.  Each coach / staff member will be required to purchase a coaches package which consists of a coaches cap or visor and a Coaches polo shirt.

This is mandatory for all coaches in order to be on the sidelines.

Coaches Certifications

Coaches Certification Checklist

Below is required in order to coach football with TYSA SPORTS and NTX United AYF Youth Football League. All is due by certification, which date and place will be published soon. ID badges will be made then and will be required to be on the sidelines.

  • Background Check
  • Waiver and Release of Liability - ADULT
  • Image Release – ADULT
  • Seahawks Tackling Certificate of Completion OR Heads Up Certification
  • ASEP Training Course Certificate
  • CDC Concussion Training


Links for Required Coaching Items

ASEP Training Course - http://www.ayfcoaching.com/

Once there on the main page click which course you like to take. Coaching Youth Football the AYF Way for new coaches. Recertification Course for returning AYF Coaches. There is a fee for this course.

Background Checks - http://ntx-united.sportssignup.com/site

Once on the site just click "Background Check" link and follow directions. Small fee for this service.

Seahwaks Tackling Certification - http://www.myayf.com  IF you already have a myayf.com account, log in, on the right click the Seahawks Training video and then take the test. You can only access the test AFTER you have logged in. If you DO NOT have a myayf.com account please email ljmiller@ntxunited.com and instructions will be giving for you to use the leagues account to complete testing.

HeadsUp Tackling Certification - Please follow instructions from document on the " Resources " tab on this website.

CDC Concussion Training - http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/

On the right of the page a picture with "Launch the Course", click that to get started.